Chest & Heart Association of

Trinidad & Tobago

The Chest and Heart Association of Trinidad and Tobago (CHATT) is the oldest organization of its kind in the Caribbean. Founded in 1905 as the Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis, it became the premier advocate and provider of services for reducing Tuberculosis (TB) in Trinidad and Tobago (TTO). The organization demonstrated throughout, a deep understanding of the role of the socio-economic conditions in determining health status, in general, and in the evolution of chest diseases plaguing Trinidad and Tobago in the early twentieth century.


With the significant reduction in the prevalence of TB by the 1960’s, and the already emerging trend in the increase of heart diseases, the Organization merged with the then Heart Association of Trinidad and Tobago to avoid duplication of efforts. Thus was formed the current Chest and Heart Association of Trinidad and Tobago CHATT), which focused on raising awareness of the methods for prevention of diseases of the chest and heart, supporting patients during and after their illness and advocating for improved health facilities for the treatment of patients. CHATT was legally established through Act 11 of 1970. The publication “The Chest and Heart Association of Trinidad and Tobago, 1905 – 2005:100 years of caring” documents its history.