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Healthy Caribbean Coalition
Front of Package Warning Labels Campaign

15th March 2021 - 15th May 2021

In collaboration with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, the TTNCDA executed a Social Media campaign on both Facebook and Instagram aimed at building public and policymaker support for front of package warning labels (FOPL) and influencing the voting on the CROSQ Final Draft CARICOM Regional Standard for Specification for labelling of pre-packaged foods (FDCRS 5:2010).


In conjunction with digital media provided by the Health Caribbean Coalition, the TTNCDA created at 8 unique social media content responding to the local context including but not limited to: use of local dialect; sharing additional details on the national voting process; responding to industry arguments; FAQs about FOPWL; linking FOPWL with the priority areas of The Civil Society Organisation Partner such as diabetes prevention, cancer control, heart disease etc.

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