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Dr. Karen Sealey

Dr. Karen Sealey is the Founder of the Trinidad and Tobago NCD Alliance and is the Chair

of its Program Committee.


As PAHO/WHO’s first Special Adviser for UN Matters and Partnerships at the UN, she provided strategic support to the CARICOM Group of Ambassadors which led the process for the adoption, in 2011, of the Political Declaration of the UN High Level Meeting (HLM) on the Prevention and Control of NCDs. Dr Sealey experienced first hand the critical role of coordinated NGO advocacy at the highest level internationally.


In her 26 years with PAHO/WHO, Dr. Sealey held several senior positions. As the Caribbean Program Coordinator, she raised the profile of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and mental health in national health plans; spearheaded the adoption of the Caribbean Health Promotion Charter; established the Awards for Excellence in Health Journalism; and published the inaugural edition of Health Conditions in the Caribbean.


Since her retirement, Dr. Karen Sealey has completed several consultancies with UN agencies and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in the areas of managing the NCD response, strategic planning, and organizational development. She has also served as the Executive Technical Adviser to the Minister of Health, Trinidad and Tobago.


Dedicated to increasing the participation of the non-governmental sector in the response to NCDs, Dr. Sealey is currently a Director of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and Interim President of the Chest and Heart Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

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