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TTNCDA’s mission is to work together and with all of society to catalyse and monitor policies and actions, in all sectors, that promote healthy lifestyles and reduce NCDs and their risk factors.


The TTNCD Alliance offers membership to civil society organizations (CSOs) committed to and interested in contributing to the fight against NCDs. CSOs are non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations that have a presence in public life at the local, national or international level. They refer to an array of organizations from NGOs to community groups, labour unions and faith-based organizations (NCDA).  ​​

The TTNCD Alliance offers membership to CSOs in two categories: Full and Associate


To qualify as a Full Member, the organization must be a CSO or Non-Governmental/Not-For-Profit Organisation (NGO) significantly involved in NCD-focused advocacy and/or service and based in Trinidad and Tobago. It must also be a certified, chartered, or registered organization.



To be an Associate Member, your organization must be a Civil Society Organisation or Non-Governmental/Not-For-Profit organization which supports the mission and objectives of TTNCDA. Associate Members include organizations, networks, or entities such as professional associations, labour unions, and faith-based organizations.

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