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Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society

For almost 50 years, the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society has been working on behalf of cancer patients and their families to provide opportunities for better health care as they battle this disease. We have also focused our attentions on cancer prevention and mitigation through greater awareness and education, especially when it comes to the prevention of high-risk activities such as smoking.


The Society was officially recognised as a charitable organisation by an Act of Parliament in the 1970s and was incorporated as a company in 1985. Today, we are one of the most prominent and respected cancer-focused organisations in the Caribbean, influencing not just individual behaviours but public health policies, by interacting with relevant governmental and private sector bodies at the highest levels. Over time, the Society has extended its influence to other Eastern Caribbean islands, and we are glad for the opportunity to offer our support to our neighbours in their struggle against this disease.

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